Data Entry for Excel

Dexel Form gives you data entry forms for Microsoft Excel without any programming. Form based data entry, extensive data validation, protection, multi user access and a host of other features make your Excel databases robust and easy to use. It works on both Windows and Mac and it’s free.


data entry

  • Form-based creation, editing, deletion and filtering of records
  • Searchable drop down lists for lookup of data in related tables
  • Date picker for date fields
  • Multiline editing of long text fields such as postal addresses
  • Customisable help text for the form and for individual fields

multi user access

  • Easily share your workbook with colleagues via a network share
  • Multiple users can update the shared workbook at the same time
  • Dexel Form ensures that data validations are enforced even when multiple users are active

data validation

  • Ensure required fields are filled
  • Data type validation and formatting (numeric, date, time, interval)
  • Uniqueness of values (unique keys), or combinations of values (composite keys)
  • Verification of data against related tables (lookups and conditional lookups)
  • Foreign key mechanism to ensure the integrity of relationships between tables
  • Custom data validations using standard Excel formulae with structured addressing
  • Recognises the Data Validations you may have already defined in Excel

auto increment

  • Dexel Form can automatically assign a unique sequence number to each record

default values

  • Using Excel formulae you can define default values to be inserted into new records

data protection

  • Protect tables (either with or without a password) such that the table data can only be updated using Dexel Form, thereby ensuring that data validations are rigidly enforced.
  • Optionally limit the actions that a user can perform on data in a table (e.g. do not allow records to be deleted)
  • Define columns as “read only” (value cannot be changed by the user)
  • Define columns to be “write once” (value is set by the user when the record is created but cannot be changed thereafter)


  • Create a complete audit trail of all changes made to the data in a table

data verification

  • Highlight errors in data imported from external sources
  • Clean data by removing trailing spaces
  • Consistent application of formulae

no real limits

  • Handles tables with up to 1,000 columns
  • Number of rows is limited only by Excel (over 1 million)


  • If you want to use Dexel Form to manage the data entry dialog for hidden sheets, you can write simple macros to do so.

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